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Being in Our Bodies

written by Donna Goddard June 5, 2019
Being in Our Bodies

It is very common for people to live outside instead of inside their bodies and to be unaware of the conversation their body is constantly having with them. We can become focused on career, family, and mortgage, and the years pass by with often only a token look at the state of the body.

Not infrequently, people will say after a seemingly sudden illness, “I did not see that coming.” Yet, their body was probably screaming at them to listen. Denial, fear, ignorance, and laziness make us ignore the warning signs of any type of breakdown in our life. 

Sometimes, it is just all too much effort – and even knowing where to begin can seem overwhelming. Stress, neglect, lack of awareness, and concentrating on more mental pursuits can pull us away from our relationship with our own body. Like a neglected partner, we forget about it. We know it is there and we rely on its loyalty to us, but we barely give it the time of day. Naturally, it will start complaining and eventually may file for divorce, leaving us in a state of ruin.

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