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Diagnosis: Pandemic Fatigue

The Effects of COVID-19 and How to Manage

written by Liz Matheis, Ph.D November 15, 2021
Diagnosis: Pandemic Fatigue

I am so tired of thinking about COVID-19. I’m tired of having to think about masks, disinfecting, and all the consideration that goes into making decisions about things that were effortless.

A great many of us are anxious, sad, and feeling exhausted. There is no end in sight. We don’t know when life will return to “normal” or if life after the pandemic will ever return to “normal.”

We are sick and tired of being sick and tired over COVID-19. We want an end in sight. But there isn’t one. So, how do we continue to manage through this pandemic as we are slowly but surely approaching the one-year anniversary of when our lives changed so drastically?

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