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End of Year Clean-Out

written by Donna Goddard November 21, 2019
End of Year Clean-Out

I have been doing a major clean-out of my house. These days, I live in a small inner-city house. After living in a big home for a long time, there were numerous clean-ups to get to the point of fitting into the little house. Three years have passed, and it seemed time to reassess what was genuinely useful or beautifying and what was clutter.

I had a large collection of wall pictures acquired over decades, all of which I loved, and each had a special meaning to me. My walls were full of them, and the rest were stacked in numerous spots in the house taking up valuable storage. They were first on the list for de-weighting. I told myself that just as I had loved them, someone else could love them, too, or, at least, they could serve a purpose elsewhere even if they were never loved in the same way again.

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