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Freedom and Tyranny

written by Donna Goddard April 10, 2020
Freedom and Tyranny

Most people would not think of themselves as tyrants, yet, emotional tyranny is a very common trait. It is submission, in some form, which is being coerced. Such a person will automatically tend to surround themselves with weaker people. Anyone who is equally as strong or stronger will have been extradited. The thing that is often desired is respect.


Respect cannot be demanded or manipulated. It must be won by the honest qualities of the person. People who tend to get respect are usually the last ones to ask for it. It is not that they are weak and do not set their boundaries and expectations but they realise that to force respect from another person is faulty at every level. They allow people their freedom. They are naturally respected for their independence, lack of gossiping, lack of ill will, and their generosity towards others’ successes.

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