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Let Justice Prevail

written by Dr. Eva Bell October 14, 2021
Let Justice Prevail

Vandan preened himself before the full length mirror. His snow white attire meticulously starched and ironed by his handyman, gave him the confidence he needed, to tackle problems in his constituency.

“Don’t I look every inch a politician?” he smiled to himself.

The State Assembly elections were soon to take place. The election tours had already begun. Candidates from all parties were trumpeting their own achievements, while crying down their opponents. Pointing to Vandan his adversaries grumbled.

“He’s too young and too good looking to be a politician. He’d be more suitable for Bollywood. Why does he want to dabble in the murky waters of politics?”

“Haven’t you noticed? The guy has great rapport with the women. He’s always surrounded by mothers and housewives complaining about rising prices of commodities, of water shortage and unfair wages. Young women demand better educational facilities or grumble about sexual harassment at work. Yes, he promises them all a better tomorrow if they will vote for him. He could be our next Minister for Women’s Welfare.”

Thin, tall and good looking, Vandan’s soft voice and pleasant manners set him apart from the other loud mouthed politicians whose only aim was to make the most of their tenure and line their pockets with under-the-table agreements for favours granted. Sometimes he wondered why he had chosen this profession. With his educational qualifications he could shine in any other sphere.

“But there are many things that bother me. The foremost is the way women are treated in our society. Housewives are blamed for not going out to work and earn; working women are condemned for putting career before families and being poor role models to their children. If I could only do my bit to change things!”

This morning, Vandan was to speak at a women’s gathering in the next village.

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