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Nice is Not Always Nice

written by Donna Goddard March 29, 2019
Nice is Not Always Nice

Being nice may seem loving, but it can be driven by a diverse range of underlying motives such as wanting to be liked, fear of rejection, or wanting a favor. All of these motives are weak and inherently do not work. Trying to be popular never gets the result. Trying to be loved never makes us loved. Trying to get respect never makes us respected. Pacifying and being conciliatory towards damaging people does not turn them into well-intended, trustworthy creatures.

Intention is everything.

Is there love in what a person says or is there underlying ill-will in their words? The intention will determine the destined outcome of any situation. The same kind words from one person can be a healing balm and from another person, a sweet poison. The same harsh words from one person can be malice and from another person, save a life. The intention behind the action or thought is always what makes it weak or strong, effective or ineffective, healing or powerless.

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