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Racism or Incompatibility?

What’s Worse, Having Racist Parents or Parents Who No Longer Have Fun with Each Other?

written by Tal Araim August 25, 2021
Racism or Incompatibility?

Please turn off those alarm bells; I am not about to condone racism, the aim here is to highlight two things where even though they are equally as damaging, we hate one and tolerate the other.

Think about your friends and colleagues, how many of them are with a partner they truly love, get on with and laugh with where you can confidently say, “those two are best friends”? Some of you may be saying that partners don’t need to be best friends because a partner is different. I would agree with you if the divorce rate wasn’t at 50%; or if the vast majority of children didn’t witness two co-workers, usually one neutered and one trouser wearer, as parents. I would also let it go if we didn’t now know the extent of the damage to children that living with two co-workers void of laughter and fun causes. Most importantly, I would not have an issue if we didn’t now know the immense positive effect on children that living with two loving, fearless, expressive, banter filled, best friends as parents can have. Therefore, the time to BS each other and ourselves is over. We need to change and each of you can play a part to make this change happen.

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