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Stop Throwing Yourself a Pity Party

written by Morgan McKean October 23, 2019
Stop Throwing Yourself a Pity Party

When life gets rough, tough, or downright frustrating, it’s not unusual to want to curl up with a carton of Ben + Jerry’s and binge on Netflix till you’re ready to play again. And while I agree that a temporary withdrawal may be the very thing you need to get back on your feet, you don’t want to plan for a pity party, no matter how enticing it may be.

What do you do when you’re feeling blue?

“Why?” you may be thinking, “It’s not hurting anyone if I just disconnect, and pout about my life for a while.” And I get why you feel that way, I really do. But when your vibe is low and you’re feeling blue, it doesn’t just affect the quality of this moment, or only you, but it can also negatively impact those who love you and your future moments too.

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