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Stress Management Activities for Your Relationship

written by Laura Dabney, M.D. September 29, 2021
Stress Management Activities for Your Relationship

If your relationship feels stressful, there is a way to manage the stress with these five stress management strategies!

When discussing stress management techniques, think about it like a football game. A good coach will use offensive and defensive strategies to confront the problem on the team. In a relationship, we must do the same.

Offensive Strategies

Preemptive Strike

When thinking about offensive strategies, think of it like putting a pebble in a stream. You are taking some action to disrupt the flow. You’re feeling the stress in your relationship, and you take action. Taking action could be making a statement, requesting a time to talk, creating time to talk, an activity, it could be anything to disrupt a flow that’s not working for you.

The preemptive strike is for the problems that keep recurring. There’s an on-going problem, you see them, you feel them, you deal with them, you know they are going to come back up. The preemptive strike is a way to stop it before it happens.

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