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The Best Hangers of 2023 Reviews by Wirecutter

written by Barry and Joyce Vissell April 26, 2021

The Belle Epoque chandelier casts a flattering rosy glow over the space, complementing a chair and painted island, which was cobbled together from multiple cabinets. If there you don’t have an abundance of square footage to work with, look up. In this walk-in closet, a towering shoe shelf adds ample storage and encourages you to keep the floors clear, while the stars on the ceiling add a whimsical flair.

Alternatively, you could recreate the yellow dress and pearls she wears at the end with a yellow top. The Midnights era features a vintage, 1970s aesthetic with rust, navy, green and tan colors. Sweaters with collars, vests, corduroy flares (or shorts, bc let’s be real – tour is happening in summer), and denim shorts — accessorized with gold hoops and cat eyes — will give you the look.

The Container Store Chrome Metal Pant Hangers

We gave hangers with tiering hooks positive marks unless the feature interfered with the clothing. Some suits and coats deserve extra care, and the Kirby Allison’s Hanger Project Luxury Wooden Jacket Hanger is designed for garment storage of expensive items whose shape you wouldn’t entrust to a noncontoured wooden hanger. Its very wide shoulder yoke supports the heaviest garments without causing dimpling converting closet to office or creasing. If you need slim hangers for a small closet, or if you own silk or gauze garments prone to slipping, we recommend the Joy Mangano Huggable Hangers. We found them more customizable and less likely to stretch or crease clothing than other slim hangers. Although they lack shoulder notches for holding strappy tops, the velvet flocking should keep most blouses and button-downs in place.

cozy closet ideas

I then put the water bottles in this cute striped pouch, but it would also be cute to fill with toiletries. From picking the right textures to getting the perfect lighting and nailing those earthy tones, we’ve got all the sweet tips and tricks to make your bedroom the coziest spot in the whole house. Have a look at our fabulous collection of cozy ideas that we have gathered together for you below. Taylor teased it when she announced that Speak Now Taylor’s Version is coming on JULY 7th!!!

Choose a Closet System

The way you place accessories on shelves can determine the closet’s overall look. I elevated it a bit so it would feel like a mini loft bed (cuteness) and get some extra space underneath. This gained us some storage space to fit a basket and some poufs underneath (more function). The good news is that plenty of walk-in closet organization ideas will keep your clothes, shoes, and accessories in check. We’ll show you how to customize your closet to fit your needs and maximize every inch of space. With organizing solutions and space-saving hacks, your walk-in closet will be your favorite place to, well, walk into.

  • Recessed lights are best when you’re trying not to take up any vertical space, but a small sconce or adjacent sconce can also help.
  • One can be integrated seamlessly in so many ways, setting the tone and ambiance for a much more inviting space!
  • Consider building your own wood elements for a more rustic feel or paint everything white for a bright look.
  • There are plenty of ways to make the most of limited space with lots of clever conversions, like alcove beds to IKEA furniture hacks, and of course, a closet-turned-bedroom.
  • After we separated our research into several categories—general use, pants, women’s shirt, skirt, and suit/jacket/coat—we pinpointed the detailing that set apart the poor from the good from the excellent.

Speak Now was a country album, and Taylor wore a really cute country dress on tour for Our Song and Mean. If you are perhaps an older Swiftie or are looking for something a little more conservative to wear to an Eras show, this is a great look. Lulu’s has a really cute version of Taylor’s dress that is a little bit more modern and has a younger style.

Clever Ways to Convert Your Closet into a Bedroom

In designer Bunny Williams’s home, table linens and serving pieces get special treatment in a large storage space of their own. If done right, the bedroom can turn into a stress-free private sanctuary made of soothing colors, comfortable bedding and plush pillows. But setting that standard is quite often a challenge, especially when the kids take precedence. But of course, a quick makeover can easily transition even the most troublesome spaces.

Cloud-covered wallpaper gives an ethereal vibe to this tiny nursery from @theblushinghaven. Above, Lauren‘s light-filled space has just enough space for her bed and some books. This walk-in closet has tons of drawers and shelf space for hats and shoes.

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