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The Loss and Gain of Friendships

written by Donna Goddard September 29, 2018
Loss and Gain of Friendships

We all experience the loss of friends and changes in our relationships. It may be our decision, the other person’s, jointly decided, or something thrust upon us by life. The loss may  come from something negative like jealousy, ill-will, anger or fear. It may come from a decision based on what seemed best for all concerned. It may be the natural outcome of something that life brought into the arena.

Regardless, we can practice these principles of healing and growth:

1. If we have done something regrettable then we must try to fix it up as best we can.

We may be able to correct the mistake or we may not be able to. However, the intention to right a wrong carries substantial weight. What we did may not have been necessarily wrong in the situation. However, perhaps with time and a different understanding, we can see that it would have been better to do things differently. It’s called growth. If we are humble and honest enough to admit to mistakes, then our ability to improve our lives will be far greater than the average person.

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