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The Mindset of A Dynamic Leader

written by L Wayne Smalls August 24, 2021
Mindset of A Dynamic Leader

Leadership is a concept that has existed since the beginning of time. Down through the ages, leadership has touched every aspect of life. Many have tried to find a clear-cut definition of what the mindset of a dynamic leader is and who determines who the leaders are. You can research the internet, books, scholarly publications, or even the bible and find so many different definitions of leadership. The truth is that there is no one clear definition of leadership, however, it can be simplified to an explanation that anyone can understand. Whether it is small child on a playground, or the president of the United States in the white house, leadership still bares similar characteristics in both environments, respectively. Each person displays the ability to exert influence onto the people around them in the attempt to get them to do something or cease from actively doing something. The difference between the two is that the child exhibits natural ability to persuade and influence others. The president does the same, but he also has the benefits of training, experience, and leadership roles to nurture and develop his leadership ability. So, the question becomes what makes a great, effective, dynamic leader who others willingly follow?

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