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We Are All Here for God

The Power of Creative Pursuits

written by Donna Goddard December 31, 2019
We Are All Here for God

In this article, RD&T contributing author Donna Goddard discusses the power of creative pursuits and how we are here for God.

Like many other things in life, dancing seems to revolve around strengthening one’s ego. I prefer to think of it as letting a little piece of life come through us, together with another person who is gracious enough to want to share a little piece of life with us. It could be something pure. Or powerful. Or happy. Is it possible that the purity, power, or happiness could simply express itself through a trained body and mind without the ego and its never-ending problems?

Creative pursuits are most rewarding when seen as an ongoing way of being in the world. Creativity is an avenue for fulfilling one’s individual potential and a way of being of service to the world by sharing that which we love and feel drawn to. This removes the fuel from self-driven ambition and takes the steam out of competitive thinking. We lose our fear that we will not have a place and we lose the egotistical pride that, frequently, accompanies achievement. We do not cling tightly to that which is good. Nor do we overly grieve that which passes. We do not resent others’ successes. Nor are we afraid to pursue our own.

All is graciously and gratefully given over to that which is the essence of Life and is the rightful owner of all true action and talent. Egotistical intention is detoured and the success and beauty of the endeavour is heightened. Anxiety, fear, and the precarious confidence which accompanies egotistic pursuits are disempowered. Ego-driven ambition is replaced with gratitude for that which we love. The creative impetus is given every opportunity to express itself unfettered by human complications. There grows a quiet, alive, confident, glowing radiance. It moves and moulds us, uniting us with our awakening nature, feeding the little shoot until its own majestic nature takes hold.

We all have our own individual destinies to fulfill. Each one must play its part. We will then be happy, and that is all we need. We can turn everything we do into a prayer. Instead of feeling inadequate or unlucky, we can feel a part of the grand energetic flow of the Creation which encompasses everyone. We belong to it and benefit richly from that belonging. The flowering of our own potential will be greatly enhanced. All life forms value their own existence and the reaching of their own potential. Being aware of this helps us to move from the natural egocentricity that accompanies being human. Instead of constantly seeing our own life and needs as being of primary importance, we soften that view with an appreciation of the life-value and needs of everyone and everything. Respect and goodwill replace comparison and ill-will.

This article is from The Love of Devotion.

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