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10 Reasons to Take Good Care of a Father

Mother Nurture

written by Rick Hanson July 30, 2018
10 Reasons to Take Good Care of a Father

My husband’s getting on my nerves a little. The baby is just six months old and now I’m back to work, too, but still Brett is starting to bug me more and more for attention, affection, sex, etc. Doesn’t he understand that I’ve got a lot on my plate? Can’t he grow up and deal with his needs or whatever, and then, in a while when things settle down, we can connect more?

We truly understand where you are coming from: Jan gave Rick pretty much the same speech at least a dozen times when our kids were little, plus we’ve heard similar comments from many, many mothers. It’s natural to feel both absorbed in your baby and worn out, so that any extra tug on you from someone else can seem like a hassle, if not an intrusive burden.

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