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Your Story: The Unconscious Creative Process

written by Dr. Steven Cangiano May 4, 2021
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You’ve heard about people who have success after success. You probably also know people who continuously make the same mistakes. We all have an uncle Joe who has been divorced five times, or know a cousin Vinny who cannot keep a job. Why do people continuously attract the same unwanted situations and problems year in and year out, decade after decade? It happens because they are in an unconscious creative process.

You are always creating and recreating your life through your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Most people are not aware of how this is happening; they are unconscious to their personal creative process.  This unconscious process is pervasive and rooted in the stories we tell ourselves soon after we are born. They control our lives and affect every decision. Uncle Joe and cousin Vinny can change their lives by considering a new story.

These stories grow with time like mold in a basement, becoming bigger and more toxic year after year. Consider a rewrite; decontaminate the basement, clean out the attic and put your creative house in order. It’s time for you to generate a compelling story, one that is consistent with who you are and what you want to attract. To help you create a new narrative, let’s explore how we’ve created our current story. To do this, we must begin by understanding the unconscious creative process.

Your unconscious creative process starts when you are very young and controls your life until you become aware of it. Your destiny was predetermined by meaningless events when you were two, three or four years old. Events which you unconsciously assigned a meaning to, and then retold yourself for the next 10, 20 or 30 years. Only when you become aware of this process and its effects, will you make a change.

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