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Finding Peace in a Social Network or a Gay Community

written by Dr. Brand Doubell July 9, 2018
Family Camping- Finding Peace in a Gay Community

I am sometimes so busy with other people’s problems that I neglect the problems my family experiences from time to time. I guess it’s the proverbial territory where the doctor’s family is ill, the mechanic’s car is broken, and the plumber’s pipes are leaking. A while ago my son came into the kitchen with the kind of unhappy face I only get from my most depressed clients. The therapist rather than the father in me kicked in and I had to ask: “Are you happy with whom you are my boy?” As expected from a twelve-year-old, he didn’t get the question and thought I was referring to his rights at home. At that age, happiness means getting everything your heart desires and his answer clearly proved his age.

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