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The Balanced Life: Holistic and Holographic

written by Dr. Steven Cangiano March 10, 2021
holographic and holistic balanced life

A balanced life is a conscious, holistic creation.

Balance can be achieved in many ways, but at its core, it is a personal journey.  Through my work in a holistic wellness clinic, I found that a balanced life was an individualized experience for each of my patients. It was always a deeply personal journey. At the core of each individual’s experience, fundamental aspects of a balanced life came to light. By talking with patients, I discovered that those who felt the greatest sense of balance were those individuals who had control over the following three fundamental aspects of life:

  1. Health
  2. Relationships
  3. Financial freedom

This article will focus on creating a balanced life based on these three fundamental components. Keep in mind that health, relationships, and finance are all interrelated. You may also want to think about relationships in a more global way (e.g. your relationship with God, life or society). If these fundamental aspects of your life are not balanced, it will cause a great deal of psychic and eventually physical pain.

A Balanced Conscious Life is Holistic

Before we discuss the basics of a  balanced life, let’s consider what is it to live holistically. Holistic medicine considers the mind, body, and spirit. The study of holistic medicine is much more complicated than the study of western medicine because it is a study of the universe. The study of medicine is a study of disease, which separates the body into individual parts − a fundamental mistake because although the heart is different from the liver, it is not separate. Neither could exist without the other. A good holistic practitioner treats mind, body, and spirit with the best of both western, and alternative medicine. He/she realizes that there is no separation among the three.

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