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Healing Our Pasts with Divorce and Breakups

Our relationships are ultimately about healing old wounds.

written by Robert Taibbi March 12, 2021
Healing Our Pasts with Divorce and Breakups

RD&T contributing writer, Robert Taibbi, explains how divorce and breakups can help with healing our pasts.

Amy has been married for six years, and it’s been great. Matt, her new partner, is laid back and gentle, in contrast to her first husband Ben who was all too controlling, micromanaging, and sometimes even abusive, much like her own mother. This relationship has allowed her to learn to relax, to let down her guard, and lean into Matt. And because she is not walking on eggshells all the time, she has become more outspoken. Compared to where she was, say ten years ago, she now feels more grounded and more herself.

Amy’s story illustrates the way we all can not only heal the wounds of our past relationships through new ones but heal deeper childhood wounds as well. Unfortunately, the path isn’t always easy. It requires some work on our part and comes with particular challenges.

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