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Intimacy – Sexual Relationships

written by Donna Goddard December 17, 2020
Intimacy – Sexual Relationships

In order to enjoy a close and intimate bond with our partner, we need to be mindful of the emotional state of the relationship.  A high-quality sexual relationship will never be achieved without an honest and genuine emotional bond of trust. Sex will become non-existent or the domain of one controlling partner over one submissive partner or a mutual using of each other’s body.

Each individual brings with them all that they are outside the bedroom walls into the sanctity of the enclosed bedroom space. With humor, goodwill, and enthusiasm, the skill level of both people can improve rapidly. A few good sex books can do wonders for a couple.

We cannot assume that our partner understands the sexual needs of a body that has a different physical and emotional functioning to their own. Even gay couples cannot assume to know how a different person functions sexually, though it is the same structural type of body. Every good-natured experiment in the bedroom is one step closer to a more satisfying experience. A couple may even choose to investigate such ideas as the meridians and pressure points of Taoist foreplay if they would like their sexual relationship to become more holistic and healing.

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