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8 Signs that He is “The One”

written by Andy Boyd March 17, 2021
8 Signs that He is

Finding the right person to date can be challenging. And finding the “perfect” guy for you can be even more difficult. If you find yourself in a relationship and you aren’t sure whether he is “The One” or not, check out these signs before deciding whether to go forward or not.

Signs that He’s “The One”

1. He listens to you.

If the guy you’re dating is actively listening to you and cares about being involved in your life, he is undoubtedly a keeper. Just nodding his head in agreement and saying he cares does not mean a thing without putting words into actions.

You should consider yourself lucky if he is the type of guy to support you through thick and thin. You must be really special to him if he can pick up even the smallest signals of distress in you.

2. He makes you laugh.

Laughter is the solution to many issues in life, and a man who can make you laugh can do wonders. Not only is it a mood enhancer to have someone who can always bring a smile to your face, but it also solves many arguments. You can’t stay upset for long with someone like that.

You want a man that will not find every hurdle that comes your way to be an insurmountable disaster. Life is hard enough without making hardships worse than they are. So if he makes you laugh, even when you are facing troubled times, treasure this man.

3. He compromises for you.

Your partner might not fit into your original favorite type, but if he is willing to take the middle ground to please you, he is worth keeping.

You will never have a healthy and long-lasting relationship with someone who makes you cater to his needs all the time. Since relationships are a two-way street, you need a man who understands the importance of compromise. And once you have found someone willing to act upon this, make sure not to let him go.

4. He sees beyond your exterior.

Ask yourself this one question: Is the guy you’re dating someone who can see beyond your physical appearance? If the answer to this question is “no,” this relationship won’t last for much longer. However, if the answer is “yes,” you might have found “The One.”

Your partner needs to cherish you even when wrinkles start to show for this to work. If you are dating a man who loves you for the person you are inside, it will make a tremendous difference in your relationship in the long run. And you can be assured his love is real.

5. He is proud of you.

When your man is proud of your achievements and sincerely expresses that, it means he truly cares for you. You will find life a lot easier with a partner who knows how important this is to you and your self-esteem.

You will also find it a lot easier to be in a relationship if the guy you are dating encourages you to be independent. Supporting you while displaying pride when you’ve done a great job is a great mix.

6. He values your opinion.

You can choose to date the most handsome and popular guy on the block, but that won’t count for much unless he really cares about what you have to say. There has to be more to the “perfect guy” if you are searching for a one-of-a-kind relationship.

Once you have found someone who sees your opinions just as vital as his, you should give him a chance. In the grand scheme of things, he will make you a lot happier than a man who won’t give a second thought to your own needs.

7. He takes care of you.

Sometimes you don’t need a doctor when you are ill. Just knowing that there is a warm hand to caress your cheek or a supportive arm to hold you tight can mean just as much or even more.

If you are dating a guy who cares for you when you are sick, you are a fortunate woman. Having him there with you, bringing you a hot tea, or pulling up the covers over you when you can’t even get out of bed is not something you can easily encounter. So don’t let go of this guy if you’ve crossed paths.

8. You are his priority.

Are you with a guy who treats you as one of his top priorities in life? Unless that is a “yes,” then move on! Whether it is related to work, his friends, or other personal matters, you need a guy who puts you on the top of his list so you can be happy. 

You don’t want to be dating somebody if you feel like you are always the one putting in the effort. Don’t compromise on this! Keep looking until you find a man for whom you are just as important as any other aspect of his life.

You will have different experiences with different people. And while some guys might first appear as perfect dating material, time can showcase a different reality. But if you have found somebody who can tick most of these boxes, he is very likely one in a million.

Andy Boyd

Andy is a storyteller who loves good books and good jokes. In the rare moments he isn’t writing, you can find him jogging in the park or reading classic literature. He is a contributing author at GoDates and several other online magazines.


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