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Are Your Children Capable of Earning Money Without Your Help?

written by Patrick Ow February 17, 2021
Are Your Children Capable of Earning Money Without Your Help?

It is without a doubt that our children, and the future generations after us, will grow up and work in extremely challenging times.

The Issues

Jobs are changing due to increased automation, businesses retrenching of workers, and ever-changing demographics where baby boomers are holding on to their jobs longer than expected. Other challenges include severe housing affordability issues in most parts of the world, very low or no wage growth for employees, as well as the ever-increasing cost of living and education. We are also seeing a decline in the number of full-time jobs coupled with the rise of contract work and the gig economy, higher unemployment for overqualified university graduates and young adults, and growing income inequality between the skilled and unskilled workforce. These are just some of the challenges that our children will have to navigate, with or without our parental help.

Do you have a good handle on these issues?

Given these challenges, I would like to, as a responsible parent, give my children a head start, especially in terms of equipping them with the right and timely information to make informed decisions about their elective subjects, jobs, and careers.

In order for me to pass on such vital knowledge to my children and help them navigate these challenges, I must first equip myself with the requisite information, knowledge, and analysis.

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