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How are Your Boundaries in the Pandemic?

written by Darlene Lancer April 23, 2021
How are Your Boundaries in the Pandemic?

Maintaining boundaries is challenging for most of us. But the pandemic has made it even more difficult. People have been quarantined with a partner, housemate, or family for nearly a year. Normally, we could at least create physical boundaries by going to work, the gym, seeing friends, or even taking side trips.

All that has changed. People who have been alone and lonely realize how much they need others. Some couples are closer, while others are headed for divorce. Drug and alcohol abuse has risen, as well as mental health issues, such as anxiety and depression.

A recent UK study reveals some interesting statistics:

1. The relationship of 36% of couples newly cohabiting has moved faster.

2. Nearly 60% of new couples feel more committed, but 17% are unhappy.

3. Stresses include children, finances, and disputes about pandemic rules.

4. Loneliness impacts 40% of people, but 29% have found they’re happier alone.

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