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Rejecting Others: Why We Find It Easy

written by Jessica Baum November 11, 2020
Rejecting Others: Why We Find It Easy

Rejection hurts. Rejection makes us doubt ourselves – doubt our worth, our attractiveness, our desirability as a romantic partner. It is natural to want to avoid rejection, sometimes even to fear it.

At times, the desire to avoid rejection leads us to reject others too quickly or even unfairly. It is important to take the time to realize what is behind your actions when you decide it is time to end a relationship. Otherwise, you may be rejecting others too easily.

Rejecting Others

Our fear of rejection makes it easy for us to reject others.

If we fear something, it’s in our nature to do what we can to avoid it. If you are afraid of spiders, you probably won’t volunteer to clean out the dark corners of the garage. As a child, if you were afraid of the dark, you likely slept with a nightlight on or asked your dad to check under the bed to make sure there weren’t any monsters lurking there.

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