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Gender Roles and Modern Love

Part One

written by Ken Page, LCSW November 22, 2019
Gender Roles and Modern Love

It’s 2019, how are we supposed to be thinking about gender roles and gender stereotypes? What’s a man supposed to act like? What’s a woman supposed to act like? Where does the LGBTQA community fit in? Should women try to honor their innate femininity and men, their innate masculinity? Or are those just old sexist concepts in modern packaging? There’s a form of gender stereotyping that’s messing up our dating lives and relationships. What are the new rules around gender? I’ll share some ideas and research that might change your thinking about this subject forever.

A Point of View to Consider

On this page, you’re going to hear about my upcoming courses, classes, intensives, and ways to work privately with me. And, by the way, if you like what you’re learning here, it would be a tremendous gift if you subscribed to the Deeper Dating podcast on iTunes and left me a review. Thanks so much for that.

The last piece of housekeeping before we begin this exciting, important, and controversial podcast: everything I share in this podcast is educational in nature. It’s to support you in your intimacy journey. And it’s not medical or psychiatric advice or treatment for any emotional, physical, or psychological condition. It’s all just a point of view for you to consider.

If you’re experiencing any kind of serious psychiatric or psychological conditions, please get professional help. And if you’re experiencing serious conditions, please get emergency help right away. Your life is too precious to put at risk.

How Modern Brand of Stealth Sexism Cripples Relationships

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