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Equality in Our Relationships

written by Barry and Joyce Vissell March 21, 2019
Equality in Our Relationships

As women, we deserve to be seen, heard, loved, and honored in our relationships, just as much as men. All too often women are, or appear to be, powerful career women in their place of work and then revert to unequal roles at home, doing all the nurturing of the children, the household chores, and allowing their husbands to make many of the decisions without them.

Some of the major religious traditions do not allow women to have equality in relationships. Even when women try to deny these cultural or religious influences, they are all around us.

How do we bring equality and balance into our relationship?

Recently, I was asked if I felt that Barry and I had an equal relationship, and if so, how did we achieve this? In my heart I felt that the answer was yes, but I decided to ask the three experts: our children.

I sat alone with our two daughters, ages 27 and 22, and our son, age 14, and asked them:

Do Daddy and I have an equal relationship? Do you see us sharing equally in the household chores and in the decision-making process? Do you see us as equally powerful?

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