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What Happens When Someone Does Not Individuate?

written by Oliver JR Cooper March 30, 2021
What Happens When Someone Does Not Individuate

RD&T’s contributing writer, Oliver JR Cooper, shares what can happen in one’s life when they are enmeshed with those around them and have not individuated themselves from others. 

Undoubtedly, if someone has the ability to avoid being caught up in any negativity around them, their life will be far better than it would be otherwise. They will feel centered and be the ‘calm in the storm’, so to speak.

This allows them to stay focused on what matters and to do the things that will bring them happiness and fulfillment. Still, this doesn’t mean that they will never be affected by what is going on externally; they are human, after all.

It also doesn’t mean that they lack empathy or the ability to put themselves in another person’s shoes. Although they are able to have empathy, they typically won’t let what is going on for another to take them out.

If a friend or a loved one was not in a good way, it will probably be a lot harder for them to stay centred. However, they might realise that feeling bad is not going to serve the other person and that it will be better for them to be at their best.

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