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Stop Being Invisible and Start Being Seen by Men over 50

written by Lisa Copeland November 9, 2020
Start Being Seen by Men over 50

Recently I received a letter from a woman who shared that nothing was working in her dating life. No one was interested in her. No one was interested in her friends over 50 either. She and her friends were experiencing loneliness and a lack of contact with men. They felt invisible to men. It doesn’t have to be this way. You can start being seen.

Shifting Your Mindset

Most women think finding a good guy is about having the right profile and pictures on an Online Dating Site.

Your profile and pictures are important, but getting a great guy to notice you start inside you with the mindset you have about both men and yourself.

How can you shift your mindset?

It’s so easy to get caught in the type of rut I described above.

It’s really easy to point fingers at men and blame what’s happening in your dating life on them.

But, it’s not about the men we want to meet.

It’s about how you feel about yourself that makes the difference.

Yes, men are attracted to your physical appearance.

It’s how they’re wired from the caveman days of mating with women who could produce strong children that could survive the brutal elements.

What you may not know is that men are also attracted to your energy.

You may not realize it or feel it, but there is a vibe you give off in your profile and pictures, in emails the two of you exchange, on phone conversations you have, and when you meet that make you seem invisible.

Your Vibe

When it comes to dating, there are two types of vibrations you’re putting out into the world.

I mentioned the first already, and that is about how you feel about yourself.

When you feel beautiful both inside and out, men can sense this and are attracted to you.

And your passion for the life you live ignites your Inner Glow and makes you even more attractive to men.

To stoke your Inner Glow, you’ll want to really look at what you love about you.

Let’s start with your physical qualities.

Sometimes it’s hard for us to love our various parts and pieces as we age.

In that case, you’ll want to shift your mindset to one of gratitude for what the body part can do.

For example, a lot of women don’t love their arms but can have gratitude for them because they use their arms to hug the people they love.

Next, rediscover your passions.

Think about the things you’re good at or the activities you’d love to try.

I always wanted to paint so I took classes in both watercolor and acrylics.

My friends would tell me my face lit up when I talked about the colors I had fun playing with.

This lighting up is what men are so drawn to in you preventing you from being invisible.

The second type of vibe is about the mindset you have when it comes to men.

A lot of women think that inside those masculine bodies lives the mind of a woman.

News flash: Men think very differently than women when dating.

And this can frustrate you to no end if you don’t speak the language men can hear or understand.

Your Energy

It’s this communication disconnect that can lead women to put the blame on men and do a lot of male-bashing, especially with their friends.

If you’re talking negatively about men with your friends, I guarantee this downbeat energy shows up in your vibrational field and pushes men away making you seem invisible.

If you come from a mindset that men are fun and really cool in their own way, your energy field gives off this vibe instead, which draws men towards you.

Good men are interested in women our age. The secret for attracting them is two-fold.

You want to learn the language men speak and can hear.

And you want to come to a place of love and acceptance of self.

It’s the only way you can attract a man who will love you too.


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