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5 Ways for Men to Be Better in Bed and a Great Lover

written by Sarah Williams December 22, 2020
5 Ways for Men to Be Better in Bed

RD&T contributing writer, Sarah Williams, describes 5 ways for men to be better lovers in bed.

Maybe it’s the porn. I hear this everywhere; men watch too much porn. And this indulgence makes them less equipped to deal with a real woman. I don’t know if this is true or not.

You Suck in Bed

No worries, I’m here to help you improve.

I think we all should be able to distinguish between reality and fantasies. And I don’t believe that having a lot of fantasies, necessarily would diminish our lust and ability for the messy, noisy, complicated real-life version.

But my last four lovers have all been pretty bad. And I don’t mean bad in conversation or bad in dates or not getting along with my friends.

I mean bad, like, bad in bed.

They have not been able to give me even a glimpse of an amazing sex-life. That sex-life I always thought my grown-up version would have back when I was a teenager and only had sex in my fantasies.  A mind-blowing sex life.

I might be a tricky case. I demand a lot of attention. Orgasm rarely happens to me. I have a list of specifics I like, and those are not everyone’s cup of tea.

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