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What Is “Zumping”?

Everything You Need to Know About How To Have a Zoom Breakup

written by Susan Trombetti July 16, 2020
What Is “Zumping”?

Everything got just a little more complicated in quarantine — and that applies to breakups, too, since it’s not exactly feasible to end things in person due to social distancing guidelines. The next best thing? A video chat breakup — aka “zumping.” So, what is zumping? This new trend refers to dumping someone over the most popular video conference app. Fortunately for you, I’m going to lay out exactly how to have a Zoom breakup while still showing compassion, respect, and dignity.

A video chat breakup doesn’t exactly sound ideal, does it? There’s always a chance that you have technical difficulties, like poor WiFi connectivity, which could make the convo even more awkward. Here’s the thing, though: it’s a far better mode of communication for breakups than text, or even a phone call. That’s because visual cues in your facial expressions and body language can offer a lot of insight into how you’re both feeling, which is so key when you’re having a tough, vulnerable discussion like this one.

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