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The Threat of Rejection from Dating in Today’s World

written by Jessica Baum November 24, 2020
Threat of Rejection from Dating in Today's World

Dating has always been a place where hearts and egos are put on the line and rejection and heartbreak are possible, even that is different now. There is an added level of vulnerability that comes from dating in today’s world.

Nearly every aspect of our daily lives has been impacted – and changed – by technology. Dating is no different.

Gone are the dating experiences of our grandparents. Community dances where a boy in a suit and tie would cross the room to ask a girl – looking her best in a pretty dress and new lipstick – to share a dance are long gone. Many times the boy’s family and the girl’s family had known each other for years, sharing similar backgrounds and values.

Then there were stories from our parents. The young man would come to the front door and be invited in to meet the young lady’s parents and promise sincerely to have her home by curfew.

Does any of that sound like dating in today’s world? Modern dating involves terms that sound like a foreign language to our parents and grandparents – swipes, matches, profiles, video chats, thumbs up, and ghosting.

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