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Setting Divorce Goals You Can Actually Reach

written by Martha Bodyfelt September 23, 2020
Setting Divorce Goals You Can Actually Reach

We have talked about how starting small is the most sustainable way to reach any type of New Year’s resolution—or to make any type of change during your divorce and recovery. Let’s build on what we discussed about starting small. We’re going to dive into actually setting goals. But first, let’s talk about why setting goals is so damn hard.

We Make It Too Difficult

That’s right—much like why New Year’s Resolutions suck, our minds are conditioned in a way that makes goals unattainable. This faulty thinking is for two reasons.

The first is that we buy into crap puritanical societal conditioning that says we’re not getting what we want because we’re weak or lazy, which is bullshit. You’ve been working your ass off your whole life and sacrificed a shitload in your marriage, only to have things fall apart. So that whole nose-to-the-grindstone thing is bogus.

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