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The Sad Truth in the Lives of Gay Children

Family Rejection

written by Dr. Brand Doubell November 12, 2020
The Sad Truth in the Lives of Gay Children

For most people, their family is the ultimate refuge where they can hide from the big bad world, but for gay children it is often not a refuge at all. From your first day on this earth, you know that you can hide by the side of your mother. She will always be there if life gets too difficult for you. The moment you grow a bit older, you realise that there are certain dangers that only your father can help you with. Then you turn 12-18, and you think you do not need their protection anymore, except of course if there is a really dangerous monster behind you – then you run back home and become a kid again. If you’re twenty-something, you crawl back for advice because you realise for the second time that there is no place like home. Even later in life, after the death of your parents, you still have the urge to give up and run back to a home that isn’t there anymore.

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