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Do You Have a Romantic Relationship or a Transactional One?

written by Christine Walter November 9, 2020
omantic Relationship or a Transactional One?

Christine Walter takes a closer look at romantic relationships vs. transactional relationships.

There are many articles today that send messages about how your partner SHOULD treat YOU. These articles ask you to assess and evaluate your partner’s behavior and search for what may be considered toxic or unhealthy. It makes sense that there are numerous articles educating people about what negative signs to avoid since the fear of failure exists in all humans.

Two Kinds of Relationships

Relationships reveal the quality of your life and are the key to overall health and happiness. The belief about love in today’s culture is that it should be reciprocal and what you give should be returned to you equally. This type of dynamic is called a transactional relationship. The old testament, an eye for an eye, is what many people think love should still look like in 2020. Some common beliefs today: my partner should put in the effort every day to pursue me; my partner should treat me like a king or queen; they should treat me the way I deserve and make me the priority in every way. The emphasis is on what my partner SHOULD be doing.

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