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Would You Marry You? Your Response is Telling

written by Robert Taibbi August 5, 2020
Would You Marry You? Your Response is Telling

Would you marry you? This is a common question that you can find on self-help inventories.

While many folks usually have an immediate yes or no answer, if you slow down and drill down further, the question and your answers can reflect something subtler about your view of yourself. Responses often fall along a continuum of high positive to low negative.

Here are the highlights of the spread:

Absolutely, yes!

These folks are at the very top of the positive side of the continuum. This is where narcissists live who, without hesitation, believe that they are the best thing since apple pie and the creation of the universe. They are essentially blind to any of their shortcomings, and whatever character faults others may see and, god forbid, point out, they are dismissed or interpreted as malicious, unwarranted attacks that deserve full retaliation. They would marry themselves in a heartbeat.

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