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Life is a mystery. The more we learn, the more we don’t know. Every question we answer leads to more questions. In this relative universe, opposites can exist simultaneously. For instance, you are always coming and going at the same time; it is a matter of perspective. If this sounds somewhat confusing, we are on the right track. The key to knowing is not knowing!

Buddhists believe there are two guardians to the temple of wisdom: confusion and paradox. If you are confused or facing a paradox, you are about to learn a hidden truth. In your search for truth and clarity, confusion and paradox are your tools. This, in itself, is a paradox. You may be familiar with the phrases: “the only constant is change” or, “the only thing I know is that I know nothing.” Truth can be confusing, but confusion is necessary to the learning process. If you are confused, you are learning something new. As you gain clarity from confusion, you are on the path to wisdom.

Jesus said: “You must give up your life to save your life.” This statement is accurate, for in order to have something new in your life, you must give up your old thoughts, feelings, and actions.  Your present reality automatically flows from your current level of thinking. Your current circumstances create and reinforce your experience, and your certainty blinds you to new possibilities.

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