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Rage in the Collective Unconscious

written by Oliver JR Cooper March 19, 2021
Rage in the Collective Unconscious

Feeling rage lately? Oliver JR Cooper, explains how rage can be stored in the collective unconscious, only waiting to escape.

When it comes to what has been taking place in America and other parts of the world, it is clear to see that a lot of people are enraged. To use an analogy, it is as though a number of small volcanoes have erupted and have continued to erupt as the weeks and months have gone by.

Still, in the same way that a volcano won’t erupt overnight and will take a number of years to get to this point, it could be said that the ‘eruptions’ that have been taking place in the world also did not simply come out of nowhere. Most likely, the energy that is now being expressed externally will have been building up internally for quite some time.

Breaking Lose

If a volcano did erupt once a hole appeared to allow the lava to pass through, then it could be said that the same thing has happened throughout the world. The difference is that it is not that a hole appeared in people’s emotional body, thereby allowing their rage to come out.

No, the difference is that certain things have appeared externally that have provided so many people with a target or an enemy with which to direct their rage. Therefore, if certain events hadn’t taken place this year, this rage would have been held inside these people’s beings.

A Closer Look

Rage is similar to anger, but it is a lot stronger, and it has the potential to take over someone’s whole being. If someone doesn’t have the ability to contain their rage, it will consume them.

A person’s ability to think rationally and to behave in a balanced way goes out of the window. Once they are in this state of being, they might be able to do a hell of a lot of damage.

A Human Weapon

For example, if a well-built man was to become consumed by rage, there is no limit to the harm that he could cause. Not only could he break things, but he could also end up breaking other people’s bones.

His thinking brain will be offline, so he won’t give any of his attention to the consequences that may arise. He will be possessed by a part of his being that has taken over, and he could end up going down a very different path, that’s if he was to go to prison.

It’s Neutral

With that aside, when someone experiences rage, it likely illustrates that they feel violated. Their boundaries have probably been invaded, and they feel harmed, causing them to experience rage.

Ultimately, this rage will give them the energy and the strength that they need to protect themselves. Thus, while rage can cause a lot of damage, it is also a vital part of someone’s ability to protect themselves and to stay alive.

Three Experiences

Considering this, if someone becomes consumed with rage, it can show that they have or are being violated. However, it can also show that something from their past has been triggered, meaning that they are not actually being violated in the present moment.

Another thing that takes place, then, is one can be violated, and they can carry the trauma of being violated in the past. When this takes place, it is not surprising if they end up being consumed by rage.

The Bigger Picture

Taking into account that a lot of people are likely to be carrying rage as a result of being violated throughout their life, and due to what has been passed down to them from their ancestors, it is an oversight to purely focus on the rage that has been expressed and is currently being expressed. Doing so would overlook the other elements that are at play here.

Going deeper, and looking at what might be taking place below the surface, creates the chance to gain a more complete understanding of what is going on. One way of looking at what is going on would be to say that as so many people are carrying the trauma of being violated, there has to be external situations, circumstances, and events that are at the same level of consciousness.


This means that the people who are carrying this trauma will end up having experiences where the same thing happens again. In other words, what happened in the past will happen in the present, and it will continue to happen until this trauma is resolved.

There will be the individual experiences that someone has, and there will be the experiences that they have with their fellow human beings that are also carrying the same trauma. The trauma that these people carry will play a part in what takes place on this earth.

Nowhere to Run

If this is the case, it means that if someone is continually violated, they are not purely victims and are actively playing a part in their own experience. This doesn’t mean that they are consciously choosing to experience life in this way.

They, along with their fellow human beings who are continually being violated, will be manifesting this reality at an unconscious level. Their ego-mind will create the impression that they are just observers of their reality, and once they push something out of their awareness, it will have disappeared. In reality, they are not just observers of their reality, and what their mind disconnects from ends up being stored in their unconscious mind.

The Big Illusion

There is more to it, though, as it won’t just end up in their own unconscious; it will also become part of the collective unconscious. Once again, their ego-mind will have trouble accepting this as it will see everyone and everything as separate.

What is held in this field will have an impact on what takes place in the physical world. With this in mind, purely focusing on what is going on ‘out there’ is unlikely to be the most effective approach; what is likely to be far more effective will be for someone to deal with their own violation trauma and to take the steps that they feel called to take externally.


Focusing on what is going on ‘out there’ can be seen as the easy option as someone won’t have to face their own inner wounds. But, while going inside themselves and working through their inner wounds will be painful, it will allow them to change their own consciousness and the consciousness of the planet.

Without self-awareness, it can be normal for someone to play out their early childhood trauma again and again. As an adult, it won’t be their father or mother, for instance, who is violating them, it will be another adult; nevertheless, they will have the same emotional experience.

Of course, there is another thing that can take place if someone doesn’t heal their inner wounds, with one going from the victim to the perpetrator. Here, one will end up harming others for what their caregivers put them through – this can be seen as a form of indirect revenge.

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