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8 Signs of a Gold Digger to Keep an Eye Out For

written by Susan Trombetti June 16, 2021
8 Signs of a Gold Digger to Keep an Eye Out For

She might be someone you pick up at a hotel bar. She might be a dating app match. She could even be someone you flirt with on your flight to Dubai. Gold diggers are all around you, and they can be a bit challenging to spot. Why? Because they’re master manipulators. Fortunately, I’ve come across many of them in my lifetime, and I’m going to lay out all the signs of a gold digger you need to look out for.

What is a gold digger? Well, it’s anyone whose sole interest in you has to do with your wealth. They may charm you into thinking they actually care about you when all they really care about is the balance in your bank account.

According to a DDB Life Style Study, two in 10 single adults would marry someone solely for their money. And contrary to the stereotype, it’s not just the ladies — a solid 54% of these self-proclaimed gold diggers are men. Male gold diggers are significantly more likely to be part of the Millennial generation (40% are male vs. 25% female), whereas female gold diggers are more likely to be boomers (40% are female vs. 27% male).

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