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What’s Really in a Word? The Law of Allowing

written by Sharita Star November 11, 2019
What’s Really in a Word? The Law of Allowing

If you are a regular follower of our monthly Word Ponder, you’ll have innately grasped from October how Mercury Retrograde is a favored time to reroute our core to take time to reflect, retreat and review: returning us to a refreshed state of being realigned in our source energy in November. So now we wonder as we think about where to ponder next, perhaps you just might already be one of those people who are in the space of understanding THE LAW OF ALLOWING, making for all kinds of ‘new wow in your now.’

An understanding of The Law of Allowing, and indeed an application of The Law of Allowing, will bring forth to everyone who hears, and knows and applies, absolute freedom in this physical life experience. An allower is one who knows this: I am that which I am, a changing thing indeed. And while I am that which I am, I am willing to allow all others to be that which they are. I recognize that there are not two of us that are the same. I recognize that we have many differences. I recognize that there are things that are similar, there are even things that are same. And in all of our samenesses and in all of our differences, I find joy.

Abraham Hicks

Classic Definitions of “Allowing”

  1. “Giving permission for something to happen or somebody to do something, or take no action or make no rule to prevent it.”
  2. “Letting somebody or something enter or be present in a place.”
  3.  “ Letting somebody or yourself have something, often a benefit or pleasure of some kind.”

Where did ‘The Law of Allowing’ Originate From?

The term ‘The Law of Allowing’ was originally coined by Abraham, which is a group of non-physical entities channeled through Author and Inspirational Speaker, Esther Hicks during the 1980s. Abraham-Hicks is known as one of the original law of attraction sources long after William Walker Atkinson introduced it in 1906 with his book Thought Vibration or The Law of Attraction in the Thought World. Abraham communicates information relating to what Napoleon Hill also referred to in 1937’s Think and Grow Rich as “infinite intelligence.”

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