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Materialism Growing into Happiness

Gay Happiness: Cornerstone 3

written by Dr. Brand Doubell July 9, 2018
Materialism Growing into Happiness

In the gay community, many do not have kids and they end up spending all their money and time on themselves. That, as such, will never bring happiness, and unhappy people rarely have successful relationships. For that reason, I look into happiness for gay people because happy people better their chances of finding that special person. First, we said you should actively grow into happiness by looking after your body; next, we said you should temporally grow into happiness by handling you past, present, and future. Now we will be looking into your determinate survival. Survival in our time isn’t hunting and planting anymore, but rather it is keeping a job and making sure that your income is high enough for survival. Unfortunately, happiness also needs more than mere survival. This cornerstone is about the material aspect of our lives.

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