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Co-Parenting: My Daughter’s Two Moms

written by Jeanette Schneider January 23, 2019
Co-Parenting: My Daughter’s Two Moms


These are Olivia’s moms. Plural. I’m on the right. Jess is on the left. She met my ex-husband two years after our divorce, and now they have a little boy named Luke that my daughter loves more than me. She told me so, and I adore her for it. Nothing makes me happier than to hear her voice become nurturing and sweet when she talks to her brother. As moms of siblings, Jess and I are nailing this co-parenting thing. Olivia recently tried to order another brother or sister, and Jess announced that it was my turn: “You’re up, Sister Wife.”

“I’ll pass, thanks.”

Jess has a killer sense of humor and we spend every Christmas morning together making our weird little family work.

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