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Most Entrepreneurs Never Get to 100K a Year

Here's Why

written by Noah St. John December 1, 2020
Most Entrepreneurs Never Get to 100K a Year

The majority of entrepreneurs never hit 100k a year in their business.

Why is that?

We’re going to show you “how to hit that 100k” for many of you — that elusive 100K-a-year mark in your business, meaning 6-figures.

  • Have you already hit 6-figures in your business?
  • Are you making 100k a year?
  • Have you made your first 100k?

Here’s what we’re going to do is to hit that that awesome fantastic 100k mark in your business. That averages out to about $10,000 per month.

Now, ten thousand a month is life-changing for most people. Most people say:

Well now if I could just get to that $10,000 a month in income.

What we’re going to do and that’s what we’re going to be helping you with this.

You may think:
  1. That’s impossible.
  2. I could never hit 100k a year.
  3. I’m not making any money.
  4. I’ve been struggling.
  5. I’ve gone to all the gurus.

Each guru will tell you something different. You go to this one, he says one thing and another says the opposite, and it’s so confusing.

Their job is to confuse you and it’s just terrible. I spent over a half-a-million dollars with all those gurus and ended up with nothing to show for it. So believe me, I know they’re all about confusing you.

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