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10 Financial Goals to Pursue Before You Reach Your 30s

written by Kathryn Sandford February 7, 2020
10 Financial Goals to Pursue Before You Reach Your 30s

In your twenties, your future is too far away to think about and what is important is the “here and now.” Your financial habits are not great, as you will have probably maxed out your credit card, delayed any savings, and focused mainly on pleasure spending. Your twenties are the time to have fun, and it’s ok to make financial mistakes. However, the bad financial habits that you have accumulated in your twenties need to be gone before you head into your thirties. Being in your thirties is different, you become more responsible and yes, a little more serious about life.

Freedom and wealth is an outcome of ‘Time’; the most precious asset that we all possess. Time, however, is a variable to each individual, as our actions from our choices determine the longevity and returns from this asset. To maximize the return on this asset is determined by the energy that we put forth in developing our financial education, relationships, and health. – Scott Burton

Living in a cold damp house where it was party central every weekend doesn’t seem so appealing. The comforts of a warm centrally located apartment with your partner or a flatmate is the place you really want to be. You start to drink wine and your parties go from hundreds to dinner parties of six. No police get called to your dinner parties!

You will find that children, family, marriage, and buying houses are the main topics of discussion amongst your friends.

Shopping. Bills. More bills. Your health. Appointments. Money. Credit cards. Rent. Mortgages. Tax returns. Work.  Some of these things were present in your twenties, and if you really wanted to ignore them you could, but now you can’t.

If you make the right financial choices in your twenties, many of the thirty-something life events become not so stressful and far more pleasurable. The reason why is because you have a good financial base!

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