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Spooky Action at a Distance

written by Patrick Paulin December 9, 2020
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Personally, I would find it scary if there were a scientific explanation for everything. We would all have to climb into our neat little science box and turn off our imaginations. Isn’t there excitement and adventure in the unknown? Perhaps there is opportunity in the depths of space, the ocean, or the mind. I find, however, that when the mystery is not “out there” somewhere, but is directly within our grasp, my sense of adventure is infused with a flash of… discomfort. Of course, like with any good thriller, the discomfort does nothing more than amp up my level of excitement. So, let’s get into a little quantum theory – what Einstein called spooky action at a distance.

Now, I say “within our grasp” because we are talking about microscopic matter such as protons, electrons, and neutrons – the subatomic particles that we all studied in high school. The physical makeup of these particles can be observed and explained, but when it comes to their behavior, even after 100 years of observation, scientists are left scratching their heads. Perhaps the most perplexing of these unusual behaviors is called quantum entanglement – spooky action at a distance.

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