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Parenting in the 21st Century

written by Dr. Eva Bell February 12, 2021
Parenting in the 21st Century

The liberal standard of society today with its radical shift of values, attitudes and changing lifestyles has made both parents and children flounder in a sea of uncertainty. Constant exposure to consumerism, violence, promiscuity, sexual preferences and paedophilia through the audiovisual media, has a confusing effect on impressionable minds. Erosion of authority, fragmented families, broken marriages and unsafe neighborhoods are causing an increase in mental and behavioural disorders, suicides, drug and alcohol addictions.

“Things are happening to our children that should never be allowed to happen.”  Margaret Mead

Children of Today

In previous generations, childhood was a simple, confident journey toward adulthood. Children had opportunities for play, daydreaming and healthy recreation. Today, they are growing up without a childhood. Many infants are left in daycare centers either because mothers are working or are disinclined to be saddled with baby care.

Then from pre-school days onward, children’s lives are steered into a rigid routine of schools, competitions, tuition and other activities. Even playtime is so structured that the primary aim is to win. As a result, children become self-absorbed and do not learn to be team players, nor do they learn how to win or lose gracefully. Sport becomes a time of immense pressure, even violence.

The number of “latchkey” children with both parents at work, is escalating. Each evening, children return to empty homes, and are alone and unsupervised for any length of time. The TV or computer becomes their close companion. There are homes where children don’t get to see their fathers, as they leave for school early in the morning before fathers awake, and are fast asleep at night long before fathers come back from work. The story is told of a busy CEO of a company, who was surprised to see that his son had made an appointment to meet him.

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