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Confronting Your Parents’ Mistreatment as an Adult

Are Some Parents Too Emotionally Immature To Show Remorse?

written by Oliver JR Cooper December 11, 2020
Confronting Your Parents' Mistreatment as an Adult

If someone comes to see that they were mistreated during their early years, they may have the need to talk to their parents about what took place. There could be a number of things that they want from them to understand their parents mistreatment. For one thing, they might want to know why their parents treated them the way they did. This could be a question that consumes a lot of their time, trying to work out why they were mistreated in this way.

Along with this, a big part of them might want their parents to apologise for what took place. In fact, this could be more than something that they just want; they may also have an incredibly strong need for them to do this. This could be seen as something that will allow them to move on from what took place and to put the past behind them.

The sooner they are able to open up to their parents, then, the sooner their life will change.

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