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One Sided Relationships

written by Oliver JR Cooper March 10, 2020
One Sided Relationships

Life is made up of what is often described as opposites and giving and receiving is part of this dynamic. When one of these is done and not the other, it will lead to an imbalance or one-sided relationship.

One may receive from another and be unable to give in that situation. Or one may give in one situation and be unable to receive. This is part of life and something that can’t always be avoided. Due to it not always being possible to return the favour or to receive from the same person

However, as a result of this, one will feel the need to give to someone else in their life or to someone they come into contact with. And one may receive something from an unexpected source or from someone who is close to them and seemingly without having to give anything in return.

This shows that a natural balance is being restored. It may not be instantaneous and could take a while.

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