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Gay Happiness – Building Your Self-Esteem

written by Dr. Brand Doubell March 19, 2021
Gay Happiness - Building Your Self-Esteem

As said in a previous article, true happiness can only be found after you have delved within yourself to find your unique strengths and abilities. Only if you know them, develop them, use them creatively to live a unique life, and start to use them for the greater good of the community, will you reach the ultimate form of happiness. However, the sad truth is that most people never reach ultimate happiness. They get stuck in their own fight for survival, their own inner emotional battles, and their own insecurities. People are often so busy trying to overcome their insecurities that they never reach a healthy self-esteem, and without a healthy self-esteem there can be no growth.

If you could only forget the issues you gathered through the years, if you could only lay down the emotional injuries of the past, and if you could only work through your uncertainties, you can become a unique, actualized person – a treasure for everybody around you. But instead of leaving the battles of the past behind, many people fight them over and over again in their minds. All of us can be so much more. We are all unique, we all have something to share, and we all can give something special to the community around us. To get that far, you first have to defeat your insecurities and reach a healthy self-esteem. So how do you do that? It is a process that is easier said than done, but the following through with the following steps can help send you in the right direction:

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