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Remarriage: Laying Firm Foundations

written by Mel Menzies February 19, 2019
Remarriage: Laying Firm Foundations

The following words were written nearly thirty years ago by one of America’s most popular authors, a father of four. They show a realism about family life that goes beyond the obvious falling in love and living happily ever after. They point to a time when the wonder and newness of a relationship may be wearing thin.

A marriage is a lot like our house. While new it sparkles. Fresh smells, fun surprises and new discoveries… As time passes, however… the grit of responsibility mixed with the grind of routine starts to take its toll… Weeds sprout. Doors squeak and sag. Windows stick. Paint peels. Roofs leak…

– Charles R. Swindoll, Strike The Original Match

Now I’m assuming that you’re reading this because you want your relationship to survive. No! Not merely survive. You want it to thrive. So let’s begin by taking a good hard look at what it’s going to entail.

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  • Marriage requires two people to live together, intimately and harmoniously for perhaps the best part of fifty years, or longer.
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