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Building Sustainable Relationships For Step-Families

written by Mel Menzies September 11, 2018
Building Sustainable Relationships For Step-Families

When it comes to having a stepfamily, it is important that the stepparent is confident and can help boost the self-esteem of the stepchild. This topic is explored in this excerpt from Stepfamilies. 

Stepfamilies is the book that brought me my last radio broadcast. When it came out I toured the country doing TV and radio slots. But that was thirteen years ago. So it came as quite a surprise when I received an e-mail last month from the producer of the Richard Bacon show on BBC Radio 5 Live. He googled stepfamilies and came up with my book. Just goes to show – never presume that what you accomplished years, even decades, ago is dead meat! Even an old book is useful in building a positive relationship.

The phone-in on the radio programme showed that there was a lot of interest in the subject of stepfamilies. And although I recently read that by next year married couples will be in a minority in the UK, many of the stepfamily problems encountered by married couples will be exactly the same as those faced by unmarried couples. When it comes to dealing with someone else’s children, you need all the help you can get.

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