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8 Great Things About Face-to-Face Communication

Which Most People Don’t Do Anymore Because of Technology

written by Dr. Carol Morgan February 26, 2021
Face-to-Face Communication

For those of you who are under 30, you might not even remember a time when people didn’t constantly check their phones for texts, Facebook/Instagram/Twitter profiles when they’re in someone else’s physical presence. Even talking on the phone has become a lost art for many people these days. While we’re all in favor of technological advances, sometimes you have to mourn the loss of real communication, the kind that makes you feel good. You know, the kind that doesn’t require an electronic object to deliver your message. Here are eight great things about face-to-face communication that most people don’t do anymore thanks to the ever-growing technology of our time.

1. Looking into Each Other’s Eyes

And no, we’re not talking about looking at someone’s eyes in a selfie on Facebook or Instagram. We’re talking about having their eyes just inches or mere feet away from yours.

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